Proudly Presented In Glorious 2-D!

<b>Proudly Presented In Glorious 2-D!</b>
2010 marks the 25th year for Drivin N Cryin.

The band has agreed to allow cameras to invade their collective space in an effort to document the milestone.

The filmmakers will use this blog to keep Drivin N Cryin fans up to date on the project.

Follow us as we follow the band on a months-long journey that will result in a full-length feature film.

Monday, February 15, 2010

I'm happy to report the 'I See Georgia' video is rounding turn four and heading for the homestretch. We'll be spending most of the next two weeks just cleaning up and fine-tuning the overall look. I won't lie. I've had my moments of doubt during this process simply because I can't know if what pleases my eye will please others as well. But I've shown what I have so far to a few select people and the response has been very good. While that's no guarantee of wider acceptance- it's better than the alternative.

One of the biggest challenges of this project has been coming up with a visual piece that lives up to the song itself. I consider it an honor, and a great responsibility, to have Drivin N Cryin music placed in my hands. Let's face it- the song is great. If the video doesn't work- no one is going to blame the song. I think we've got something that not only works, but hopefully, will help turn more people on to their song and their great new album.

Meanwhile- we continue to gather video for the DnC documentary. The band appeared at The Peachtree Tavern last Saturday Night/Sunday Morning and we had a camera on hand. The event featured many musicians coming together to raise funds for the "Atlanta Has A Heart" Music Benefit For Lana Turner. Kevn & the boys were in good spirits and the set was, of course, spectacular.

I decided to feature a bit of our footage from that night below in the DnC Movie Blurb #1. Because most of this year will be spent gathering footage I'll make a habit of continuing this series of raw pieces to keep everyone abreast of the project as it moves along.

DnC Movie
Source Material #3
Night @ The Peachtree Tavern