Proudly Presented In Glorious 2-D!

<b>Proudly Presented In Glorious 2-D!</b>
2010 marks the 25th year for Drivin N Cryin.

The band has agreed to allow cameras to invade their collective space in an effort to document the milestone.

The filmmakers will use this blog to keep Drivin N Cryin fans up to date on the project.

Follow us as we follow the band on a months-long journey that will result in a full-length feature film.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A bit of a spat concerning the title of the movie broke out on the You Tube page where the trailer is featured. I copied the back and forth and added my comments at the end.

It's hard to claim "The Great American Band" when you don't tour outside of the bible belt of America. A new album came out half a year ago and they have yet to leave the southeast. The title should be, "The Great Southeastern Band".

Love the music, love KK, love the band... just get out the corner and tour!

Don't comment if you don't know what you're talking about. They were up in NY and Massachusetts in November 2009 soon after the release of the new album.. Great shows. Great band.

excuse me... the east coast then.

haven't seen them in Milwaukie, Chicago, St Louis, Denver, SLC, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, do I need to go on???

Kevn tours predominately the Southeast, and makes his way to Amsterdam every year or so... they rarely play outside of the Southeast or along the East Coast. My claim that they are the Great Southeast Band still rings true. Get on the road and see America!!!

This is a cool dust up- so let me weigh in on it.

RawYetTender's argument is a sound one. The southern identity of the group (pro & con) is covered in the documentary. Kevn has his opinion and others in and around the band express their feelings about it as well. So the criticism as such is legitimate, but it misses the point of the working title of the movie.

The title doesn't presuppose the band is America's band in the way the Dallas Cowboys used to be known as America's team. Rather, the name is meant to be provocative. It's a thesis statement that the movie will then back up with evidence. In other words, the movie is making the case that Drivin n Cryin is the Great American Band. The qualities spotlighted are presented as intrinsic to the character, style, and journey of the members, individually and collectively, through the last 25 years.

As to the cities rattled off that rarely, if ever, see a Drivin n Cryin show- again I concede. But all four current members of the band are lifetime musicians. All have been in various bands since their teen years and all have seen this country inside out. Kevn is from Milwaukee and lived there until he moved to Atlanta at the age of 20. The whole country may not know these guys- but these guys know the whole country.

But let's not get too serious. I promise this movie will bear no resemblance to a VH1 Behind The Scenes special. When I was a kid rock and roll movies would show up at the theater every once in awhile and I loved them because it was kind of like hanging out with the group for a couple hours. This movie will tell the story, including the good and bad, but mostly it celebrates great music by a great band- and the audience is invited to join in the celebration.

Now- we have to be patient. We are only halfway through the documented year. The movie won't be finished till next year.