Proudly Presented In Glorious 2-D!

<b>Proudly Presented In Glorious 2-D!</b>
2010 marks the 25th year for Drivin N Cryin.

The band has agreed to allow cameras to invade their collective space in an effort to document the milestone.

The filmmakers will use this blog to keep Drivin N Cryin fans up to date on the project.

Follow us as we follow the band on a months-long journey that will result in a full-length feature film.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I've decided to stop referring to these video postings as DnC Movie Blurbs because I don't want to give the false impression that these are actual scenes from the movie. In truth, only 20 seconds taken here or 40 seconds there will actually make the film. But we are doing a lot of shooting and I don't want to just sit on the cool longer performances we've been lucky enough to capture. So I'll make them available here for those who want to dig a little deeper as we spend the next few months following the band and putting together this wonderful jigsaw of a story. The first video in our new series catches Kevn performing folk versions of some of Drivin N Cryin's best known power anthems.

DnC Movie
Source Material #1
Kevn On Street- Rock to Folk Medley